Protein-surface conjugation

Forget about the EDC-NHS conjugation. Our technology makes a simple, fast and one step conjugation possible without a cumbersome process. Antibody particle conjugation can be achieved in minutes on a industrial scale.

Blood Sample Preparation

Our magnetic particle based treatment removes all the interfering antibodies from blood/serum/plasma an thus removes unspecific background. No more false positive tests in patients who recieved immunotherapy or patients with elevated levels of IgG and IgM in serum.

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New and unique sample treatment technology (SpeClean – Specimen Cleaner) for removal of inhibitory substances present in the body fluid sample and which in effect interfere with the immunoassays used to detect the disease biomarkers. Treatment of samples with SpeClean technology results in: increased analytical sensitivity, removal of background (false positive) and additionally increases the […]

Gold Magnetic Nanoparticles

NAM-Beads Stable. Resistant. Easy to produce Nano-Au-Magnetic beads. Big enough to be concentrated by a magnet Small enough for LFA test.